Together, we will create a unique and individual ceremony based on
your chosen style, philosophies, and personalities.  This should
be a fun and expressive time for you that is a reflection of yourselves.
I specialize in weddings, affirmations of love, and renewal
of vows ceremonies to meet the needs of those couples who:

Come from families who do not share a
common religious heritage.

Are unaffiliated with any faith, religion, or church.        

Belong to a religion that does not accept
couples who have been divorced.

Want something that is richer in significance than a
simple civil ceremony.

Consider themselves spiritual, not religious.
Thank you for visiting Celebrating Life Ministries!

By the time you make it here, you have already chosen
to share your love and commitment to one another.

As a minister, I want to help you get the most out of your
special day by celebrating your marriage.

Your ceremony can be very religious, strictly civil, or
anything in between.  It can be any faith, interfaith,
non-denominational, spiritual, or simply a legal
statement of intention to be married.
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