Can you recommend an appropriate location for our
There are many different locations (both indoor and
outdoor) that are suitable for weddings.  We would need to
discuss what kind of atmosphere you are looking for.  If you
want an outdoor wedding, have a viable backup plan
already in place from the beginning so there is not a
last-minute scramble to move.

Must we meet with you first?
It is not necessay, but recommended.  I have officiated
many ceremonies where all planning was completed
through email and phone calls  There is no fee for this

What documents should be brought to the first
I do not require any documents for the meeting.

How about a rehearsal?
I strongly recommend a rehearsal so you will feel more
confident when the "real thing" happens.  This can be done
the evening before or earlier in the day before the
wedding.  This is something we will have to work out.  If I
attend the rehearsal, an additional fee will be necessary.

How long should a wedding ceremony be?
This varies with different circumstances.  An indoor
wedding with comfortable seating and climate control can
be a bit longer than an outdoor wedding or one in which all
your guests are standing.  I've performed beautiful
weddings that were more than 30 minutes long and some
equally beautiful ones that were less than 15.
Are there any particular phrases that must be stated for the
wedding ceremony?
You are free to write phrases, statements of commitment and pledges
of faith that mean something to you.  This is your commitment you are
making.  I will be glad to provide you some samples of vows if you
request.  Additionally, there are many sites on the Internet which
provide examples.

May we have friends or family members read or sing special
selections that are particularity meaningful to us?
Most certainly!  I would be pleased to work with you on such special

How do we dress for the ceremony/what do you wear as the
You can be as casual or formal as you desire.  You may have a
particular theme in mind for your ceremony and you can wear
whatever you like.  I have participated in weddings with a Country and
Western theme, blue jeans and cowboy hats, as well as formal
ceremonies with tuxedos and wedding gowns.

Most often, I wear a suit.  However, I am open to dressing according
to the theme of your wedding.  This is something we can discuss.

Do you require pre-marital counseling?
No.  I am not a licensed counselor.  I will help in any way I can.

What do we need to do to get a marriage license?
Click here for detailed information for Bexar County, Texas
requirements.  While the requirements throughout the state are the
same, fees may be different.  Check with your County Clerk to find

Fees and Deposits?
Cash, money order, major credit/debit cards, or PayPal are accepted.
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